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[DipeGo] Ren's Tearful Letter
by. Suji Kim

Ren surprised everyone during the concert.

He had a letter on hand and was holding a mic in the other.

“To my members who stuck with each other for ten years,

Thank you so much.”  

To the oldest brother, Aron.

   The one who always acted as the pillar of support.

The generosity and sincerity you show to our ‘Loves.’

The one who sings for our loves and produces for them, Baekho.

The one who doesn’t hold back on affection,

the expressive one, Minhyun. 

And Jonghyun, if it weren’t for you,

NU’EST would’ve most likely ceased to exist.

Thank you for selflessly caring for me and pulling us all together through thick and thin. Thank you for always doing your very best for us. 

I will continue to stick by you and support you as I do my best.

And to our ‘Loves’, our fans.

The ones that bring tears to my eyes at the mere thought of them and overwhelms me with feelings of gratitude.

I guess I’m here today because I refused to stop seeing you guys.

During times of hardships,

you all extended hands of support and love.

We promise to repay everything through our love.

Everyone was taken aback. This was not in discussion prior to the concert and everyone from the members to the staff of the label was surprised. This was allegedly a present from Ren to everyone at the stadium that night. The fans and the members alike were overwhelmed with emotions. 

However, this wasn’t said without reason. It’s been six years since the members were reunited as a whole. The long wait reasonably took a toll on the members and they had dreamed of a reunion. 

Dispatch sought NU’EST on April 14th for their concert. It was the last day of their “Segno” tour. We’ve organized a collection of high-quality pictures, behind-the-scene still cuts, and even gifs. 

The boys barely made it to the stage before cheers erupted from the crowd of fans. They kicked off the concert with their hit single, “Hello.” Minhyun’s sweet voice bounced off the walls of the stadium. 

Aron received endless emotional support from the members and audience alike. His arm injury casted an unfortunate fate, preventing him from participating in certain parts of the concert. To fill the empty void in the stadium, fans made sure to yell and cheer just as hard for Aron. The fans’ screams resonated throughout the stadium.


"Cuteness overload"

Fans eagerly waited for the start of the concert. When it did start, “Love Paint (Every Afternoon)” and “Overcome” were the intro songs. They sang a version different to what it normally is. They moderated it so that it could be sung with four members, with Aron being absent for the concert.

"A leader’s charisma" (JR)

"You’ve waited for this, right?" (Minhyun)

"’Loves’ are falling in love once again" (Ren)

Fans were able to witness the chemistry and the friendship between the members. Perhaps it was because the concert had taken place after a while, but the boys were evidently happy to perform on stage in front of their fans.

"Tired but very happy" (Minhyun, JR)

"Aron~ Aron~" (ft. Leader Jonghyun)

"ET touch"

"This is so much fun!"

Like a lot of other concerts, NU’EST also had a string of solo performances of their own. Baekho was the first to start with his song, “Thankful for you”. The soft tune enhanced his voice, and the fans went wild with Baekho’s serenade.  

Aron sang “Good Love” in a jazz version; surprising everyone in the audience. The performance made another thing clear about the talented artist; he is very well rounded.

Next up was Minhyun and “Universe.” His stage was more extravagant than the ones mentioned above. He had decided upon a more dance involved performance in contrast to the ballad type songs.

Ren’s “paradise” was almost like that of a musical. The performance was bursting with bright colors of red and was very obviously ritzy. The show brought about a wave of screams from the audience.

JR’s performance was simply mind-blowing. The leader went all out for this special occasion. The melodic tunes, rhythmic speech, and remarkable choreography lit the stadium. A bonus that really got the fans in a frenzy was the exposure of his abs. We were lucky enough to have captured this substantial moment.

The boys’ priorities were clear, their fans. Throughout the whole show, they had maintained eye contact with the audience and often ran up to them as a surprise. They were sweet and tried their best to communicate with them as much as possible.

"Hi, my loves~" (Baekho)

"How are you all doing?" (Minhyun)

"We love you!" (Aron)

"This~~ much" (Ren)

NU’EST made a commentary during the end of the concert.

They had no problem with performing with the five of them, just as they are. 

They never once doubted themselves together.

They were content with being able to perform on that stage, that day.

They were happy to be with one another

<Photos by=Hojoon Lee·Yeongwoo Jung(Dispatch)>

<Translated by=Justina Kim(Dispatch)>

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