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[DipeGo] Nu'est and their (6th member)s in Thailand
by. Minji Gu

So, you claim that

NU’EST is a 6-member group?

"Leader" JR

"LA Boy" Aron

"Main Vocal" Baekho

"The visual Hwang"(Derived from last name) Hwang Minhyun

"The Vitamin" Ren


The sixth member

The center of the group, (L.O.Λ.E)

The members of NU’EST are reunited as a whole once again. The sixth member of NU’EST are their fans, “Love.” They bear the responsibility of receiving all of the love from the other five members. 

The boys had a blast in Thailand from the 20th to the 21st. They met with their 6th members in Bangkok, Thailand for their “2019 NU’EST Tour Sengo” tour. The screams and chants filled the stadium that day, filling the hearts of everyone present.

The NU’EST tour was a success. They spent time with their “6th members” by communicating and vocalizing their affection to their fans.

It’s Showtime, NU'EST TIME! 

The boys of NU’EST held a press conference for their recent promotions. Curiosity got the best of many reporters; the seats were all packed. Alas, reporters swarmed the members with questions regarding their tour. A look of excitement was plastered on the boys’ faces. 

In, they come


 A.L.L the cameras and the spotlight are on the boys.

"Sa-Wat-Dee-Khrap" (Hello)

"It’s time for NU’EST!"

The NU’EST boys greeted everyone in Thai. Although their knowledge on the language is limited, they knew enough to create a bond with the reporters. Like the leader he is, JR started the long-awaited conference. Since the start of it all, they showed love to their fans.

”Love” (fans) were the first thing on our minds when we arrived in Thailand” (Ren)

"We were excited to see our ‘Loves’ here" (Aron)

"Our Thai ‘Loves’, did you miss us?” (Baekho) 

 "We missed you all too!” (Minhwan)

(NU’EST are here to see you all!)

Reporters had countless questions for the boys as soon as the conference began. As curiosity and questions entailed, the boys did their very best to answer them as detailed as possible.

Among the questions asked that day, many of them were questioning the boys on their fandom. When it came time to answer the questions, the members were visibly delighted from the mention of their fans.

“NU’EST has a total of six members. The sixth members are our ‘loves’" (JR) 

 “The members all need to be together in order for it to be whole”

 “Our sixth members have a position of their own” (Baekho)

 “They’re in charge of appearances and voices” (Minhwan)

"Unity" (JR·Aron)

"Aron~ you are also a source of our happiness~" (Minhyun)

”They possess everything that we do" (Ren)

They are completely smitten with their 6th members. Even when they were questioned for things besides their fans, they would include them in the answers. They had also had a surprise in store for the “Loves.”

“We prepared a song for our Thai loves" (Baekho)

"It’s a song called ’Pee-Saow-Krub’” (Ren)

The crowd of reporters erupted into a sound of frenzy. “Pee-Saow-Krub” translates to the Korean word, “Noona.” Noona, meaning “older sister”, is a term meant to be used for younger men to older women. The title gives away the meaning behind the song; it’s a confession from a younger male to an older woman.

The Thai reporters were immediately amused and entranced at the thought of NU’EST singing a song, entirely in a foreign language. One reason the reporters were so transfixed on the idea, was that this song includes a dialect from a province of Thailand. The reporters expressed their suspicions and concerns over whether this song was the right choice for the boys.

"You’re worried about the dialect?" (Kangwondo native, JR)

"We have a lot of members who are capable of singing in a dialect” (Busan native, Minhyun· Ren)

"I think we’ll be okay” (Jeju island native, Baekho)

"We practiced a lot. We’re going to be alright” (LA native, Aron) 

The host for the press conference was taken by NU’EST’s efforts to sing in a foreign language. Despite their busy schedules, the boys made it a priority to bring joy to their fans in Thailand. 

The boys had a lot of love to give to their 6th members!

And so, NU’EST was whole. Five members stood on the stage that day and their “6th members” all cheered the boys on. The concert was lively and so was everyone’s moods. They had fired up the stage and the fans had equally reciprocated the enthusiasm.

The ebullience wasn’t a slow transition. NU’EST and their fans both relayed their excitement from the beginning of the concert. It started with their early songs from “Hello”, to “Overcome”, and “Bet Bet.” Their vocal abilities were an obvious verification of their status as seasoned veterans of eight years. Their individual performances were also a hit.

As superb as everything was, the real apogee was the present they saved for their fans. If you guessed “Pee Saow Krub”, you were correct. As the intro to the song began to play, cheers erupted from the crowd of fans. As the members began to sing, their fans also sang in unison. 

"I love you (noona) now♬"

"♪ I’ll love you forever"

"I don’t want to be perceived as just a young boy now ♩"

The cute confession as a young man eventually came to an end and they were soon nearing the end of their concert. Although it’s natural to be drained from the hours of constant singing and dancing, they only showed signs of contentedness, as they beamed at the thousands of fans. Perhaps the most notable, small detail was the emotional convergence of the members. They pushed on till the end, giving their fans a gift and happily ending another successful day.

"The reason we’re able to push through?"

"Is because of our ‘6th members’, our ‘Loves’"

"Our fans will always be our 6th members"

"May we continue to love and prosper, our LOVEs"

"Let’s promise each other!"

<Photos by=Bangkok(Thailand)ㅣHojoon Lee·Gyeongbin Min·Yeongwoo Jung(Dispatch)>

<Translated by=Justina Kim(Dispatch)>

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