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[D-eye] Enhypen, the New Record Breakers in Town
by. Minji Gu

"Record breaker"

There’s a new boy band in town that’s caught the eyes of many. “Enhypen”, has attracted attention and claimed titles within a short period of their debut. The record breakers, they have broken record with just two albums under their belts. They’re the main characters of today’s article, Enhypen.

Their debut stirred quite the commotion within the kpop fandom. They have made appearances on the Billboard charts, Japanese Oricon, and domestic Korean music charts. Although they haven’t been around for long yet, they’re already among the leading bands of the fourth generation Kpop groups.

◆ Record Breakers

International fandoms and charts have spoken. These boys are what we call, “monster rookies.” They will leave the audience feeling completely speechless, whilst doing so effortlessly.

"Just as we expected, Enhypen is a hit-making band.” (‘Seventeen’ magazine)

It’s as if they have been blessed with a DNA that would allow for them to be so successful and talented. Just like that, their release of their 2nd album, “Border: Carnival” has blown our minds. They’re setting the way for Kpop every day.

First of all, their name has been seen on the Billboard chart as of May 8th, and scored highest among bands who debuted in 2020. The boys were at 3rd place on the “World Digital Song Sales” and snagged spots in a total of four different charts.

They were also a “half million seller” within just a half a year of their debut. 522,163 copies were sold and the results of the release after five days. They had the highest streak among those who debuted in the same year.

According to Gaon charts, Enhypen recorded the highest amount of sales after five days upon releasing their album. They also peeked at #1 through #5 on major music shows.

"They were the highest among the bands that debuted last year. It’s only a matter of time before they blow up.” (MTV)

They also saw success in Japan. The boys earned two awards from their positions on the music chart recorded from April 26th to May 2nd

◆ International interest

Their game to the competitive world of Kpop had shaken the industry. Their debut album, “Border: Day One” was taken into consideration for their title track. The two tracks in question are “Given-Taken”, “Given”, and “Taken.”

A story is unfolded in their title track, “Drunk-Dazed”. They sang the feelings of the reality after emerging in the Kpop world.

 The boys have questioned themselves in the beginning days of their debut. “Is this what it’s supposed to be?” “Had we achieved anything?” The boys have been said to still be searching for the answers. We can only assume the whirlwind of emotions.

They had also contemplated the shift in their overall concept. The boys had their start with a horror themed debut. “Enhypen” so far seems to go a darker route as their image.

Fans globally have expressed astonishment at the band. They have reached out to the fans through their music and let each of the fans have a piece of themselves through the songs.

Fans have been keeping up with the boys and are appreciative of their music. The songs relate to fans of a similar age group and support the boys through their growth. They feel a sense of closure as if they are growing with the boys.

◆ " (Drunk) (Dazed) "

The message is clear in their recent album, “Drunk-Dazed.” They had painted the raw story of their first encounter with the Korean entertainment industry. The energy of the boys can be felt through the rock undertones. 

"규칙 없는 세계는 전부 뒤집혀 뒤집혀 서있어 We stand and toss in a place without order/사실 두려워 난. 거울 속의 내가 낯설기만 해. 이 가면 뒤 초라한 진실. I’m a bit overwhelmed to be honest. The reflection staring back at me is starting to look unfamiliar. Behind this mask, lies a small reality.”

This song gets deeper and darker as it unravels the story of their experiences. “The feeling of being drunk over the atmosphere at an unfamiliar carnival” is one way to paint how the boys feel. 

"Enjoy it, this carnival/ I wake myself up/ I burn my heart/fulfill my dreams.”

They explained it, visually. They danced, conveying the messages of criticism, euphoria, and haziness. The highlight of the dance is at the 50 second mark, when a sudden jump is placed.

Enhypen never ceases to woo the audience with every performance. Their vocal stability and dance skills are too great to pass by. 

◆ "Enhypen"

Enhypen is among the leading Kpo bands in the fourth generation. Their recent album release is already climbing charts. Now, their goal is to connect people through their music regardless of generations.

We assume they’re in the right place considering their stance in their songs, a point to empathize with the audience.

"Enhypen has established the meaning of growth through their recent album.” (USA. Teen Vogue)

Enhypen has survived the “survival of the fittest” of the Kpop world. The rounds of competitive debuts, and album sales have safely earned the boys a spot at the industry. Of course, they had gone through their fair share of problems and hardships. But their love for music eventually shined through.

"Enhypen was made through inspiration from a narrative in a drama. Their music is the story of their experience and surviving in the harsh industry. With every music release, the boys are going to get more raw and personal.” (Popular culture professional Park Gau Park)

<Photo credits=Belift Lab>

<Translated by=Justina Kim(Dispatch)>

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