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[D-eye] Stray Kids, An Emotional Reunion After Two Years and Five Months
by. MyungJoo Oh

“It’s been a while, Stays!” (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids met with their fans after a total of two years and 5 months. The group and the fans were inseparable.

“We really missed something as simple as seeing you all. We can’t believe that you’re in front of us right now.”

Stray Kids held a concert for their “MANIAC” world tour on May 1st at the Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex. Stray Kids spent 180 minutes with 5,000 fans.

The members remarked, “We’re really happy that we’re able to spend time with you all. It’s especially more meaningful because this is the first concert after a string of online concerts.” 

The fans were just as excited. “Stays” flocked to cheer and see the boys as the restrictions for the novel coronavirus was loosened just recently.


The recent concert was the first in-person one after a long two years and 5 months. Stray Kids previously held their “District 9: Unlock” concert in December of 2019. 

The most recent concert had fans in a frenzy. Thousands and thousands of fans screamed at the top of their lungs and chanted the members’ names.

Stray Kids started out with a bang with a rendition of their hit track, “Maniac.” The members were dressed in matching black attires, and the use of silver accessories made to look like spider webs, added to the overall aesthetic of the concert.

Stray Kids had prepared a total of twenty eight songs. The group started out with Part 1 “Maniac” and part 2, “Mask Off.”

The members were full of energy from the start of their performances. The concert included “Venom”, “Easy” “All In (Korean ver.), “District 9”, “Back Door” and more.

Beads of sweat dripped from the members’ faces as they approached their fans. 

“We’re very nervous and excited. We will do our best, we’d like for you all to take it all on. Let’s go wild tonight!”


Stray Kids truly lived up to their public image as a performance centered group. The group was said to have personally taken part in the organization of the track list.

The group also added their own twist to their usual songs. Fifteen out of twenty eight tracks they performed were made up on live band music. 

The members exclaimed, “The band really helped create an even more powerful atmosphere. A lot of our fans have mentioned the use of a band. Isn’t it more exciting this way?” 

The highlight of the concert was the performance of “NOEASY.” The track was performed as a full group of eight members for the first time. 

The members clung and made use of the cloth that hung from the ceilings. Fans who witnessed this in action, cheered on the boys.

The said song is originally a unit track with members Bangchan and Hyunjin. The two members claimed, “We wanted to really show a maniac version of the track, so we put a lot of thought to it.” 

The concert continued on with a train of hit renditions of “Thunderous”, “Domino”, “God’s Menu” “Hellevator”, “Victory Song”, “TA”, and “Miroh.” 

The day was also filled with a number of unit performances. Members Bangchan, Lee Know, Seungmin, and I.N formed to present “Waiting For Us.” “Muddy Water” was executed perfectly by members Changbin, Hyunjin, and Han.

◆ "Passion for Stays”  

The sudden uncertainty of Covid-19 had affected people globally. The everyday lives of citizens everywhere were halted during a sudden pandemic. Concert halls, and crowds were a thing of the past. Nobody was exempted from the contagious virus, including Stray Kids and their fans.

A return to normalcy found the people after two years and five months. Stray Kids put down their mics to get a better look at their fans. Stray Kids and their fans spent a few intimate minutes, taking in the very meaningful moment. 

The members soon faced each other and the youngest of them all, I.N was the first to spill tears. The rest of the members followed suit and ended the moment with an emotional embrace.

The members spoke, “We know you all waited so long for this too. We too feel as if we’re healing when we see our fans waving their fan sticks together.” 

Lastly, the group ended their superb concert with “Star Lost” and “Haven.” Stray Kids sent their warm wishes to their fans and the two groups parted ways, with a promise to return again.

Below is the short speech the group personally prepared, for their fans. 

“I had only wanted to send positive emotions your way when we were performing. Did it work? It’s an amazing feeling for us to know that we have a good impact on our fans’ feelings. Thank you for being a fan.” (Lee Know)

“I think we are able to truly shine because of the light you all cast onto us. The past three days were days that are simply irreplaceable. Thank you so much, we love you.” (Han)

“When I hear that my fans are happy through me, I also feel the same way. Fans are like water to us. We were deprived of our fans the way we need water.. and today was such an emotionally happy time for us all.” (I.N)

“We finally saw each other. It’s a pity that I had a minor injury while performing, but I recovered quickly and worked hard at the thought of our fans. Thank you for being such a big support system and giving us so much love.” (Felix)

“I feel a whirlwind of emotions through my fellow members and our fans. I will continue to improve in order to become a more reliable and an overall, good leader. I will do what I can to be a leader of our fans.” (Bangchan)

“I think a beautiful moment often comes with a lot of effort and strength. Our concert today is especially more valuable and precious because of the time spent apart. I’m beyond happy to receive such immense love. We love you, Stays.” (Hyunjin)

“I like to believe that we will be with one another forever. The members and I will work hard for it to bear fruit and become a reality! I am filled with happiness today.” (Seungmin)

“This all feels like a dream. Our fans and Stray Kids is like a dream. This road together is surreal. Let’s continue to be as we are, together and happy.” (Changbin)

<Photo credits=JYP Entertainment>

<Translated by=Justina Kim(Dispatch)>

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