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IU, Meaningful Debut Anniversary..."Donates 300 Million KRW Under the Name 'IUaena'"
by. Gawon Park

"I learn gratitude because of Uaena." (IU)

IU marked her 15th debut anniversary with a meaningful donation. Under the name 'IUaena' (IU + Uaena), she donated 300 million KRW to support medical and welfare for vulnerable groups.

"EDAM Entertainment" announced on the 18th, "IU has donated a total of 300 million KRW today to Seoul Asan Hospital, the Korea Association for Children's Welfare, and Seoul Children's Hospital." This day marks IU's 15th debut anniversary.

At Asan Hospital, IU's donation will be used to help patients in medical welfare blind spots. It will support the treatment of adolescent and female cancer patients.

The Korea Association for Children's Welfare plans to use the donation for child environment improvement projects, particularly for repairing child welfare facilities damaged by typhoons.

Seoul Children's Hospital will use the funds to provide medical assistance to underprivileged groups. They will also carry out projects to improve the treatment environment, including remodeling development centers.

IU is widely known as a representative angel donor in the entertainment industry. She has consistently made donations at appropriate times since her debut. Her fan club, 'Uaena,' has also been at the forefront of the donation culture.

In January, IU contributed to collecting coal for low-income vulnerable groups in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province. On Children's Day in May, she donated to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, a child welfare organization. She also made a talent donation to Milal School.

IU expressed her gratitude, saying, "Donations are possible thanks to the unwavering support from Uaena by my side," and added, "I am genuinely pleased to be able to participate in sharing warmth with society."

Further, she added, "As IUaena, we have built memories together and had precious experiences. I want to share as much as I have received from this valuable love and believe that it can be the starting point for someone's small change."

Meanwhile, IU is keeping busy with the filming of the drama 'You Have Done Well.' She will also host the '2023 IU Fan Concert 1+UN1VER5E' at Seoul KSPO Dome on the 23rd and 24th.