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"Cha Eunwoo and Park Gyu-young, Captivating Gaze"...The Beginning of a Fantasy Romance (A Good Day to be a Dog)
by. Gawon Park

Actors Cha Eunwoo and Park Gyu-young are transforming into math and Korean teachers, kicking off an exciting school romance.

MBC-TV unveiled the poster for the upcoming Wednesday drama 'A Good Day to be a Dog' on the 19th. The poster captures the delightful excitement of Cha Eunwoo, Park Gyu-young, and Lee Hyun-woo.

The lovely atmosphere shines through as Jin Seo-won (played by Cha Eunwoo), Han Hae-na (played by Park Gyu-young), and Lee Bo-kyeom (played by Lee Hyun-woo) transform perfectly into high school teachers. They boast fresh visuals against the backdrop of the school.

The poster hints at the three main characters' stories. Jin Seo-won and Han Hae-na stand side by side at the same window while Lee Bo-kyeom stands by himself. Jin Seo-won and Han Hae-na's gazes cross paths. 

Han Hae-na's affectionate gaze towards Jin Seo-won is also evident. Jin Seo-won is a math teacher who is afraid of dogs due to a childhood trauma, while Han Ha-na is a Korean teacher cursed to transform into a dog when she kisses someone.

Lee Bo-kyeom's gaze is also meaningful. Bo-kyeom is a history teacher who hides a blade in his smile. He leans against the window, facing forward, hinting at his hidden secrets.

Cha Eunwoo, Park Gyu-young, and Lee Hyun-woo have displayed a high level of character synchronization. An insider commented, "It seemed as if these three actors had brought the original characters to life in reality. They will showcase an exciting chemistry."

'A Good Day to be a Dog' is a fantasy romance drama that tells the story of Hae-na, who is cursed to turn into a dog when she kisses someone, and Seo-won, the only one who can break the curse. It is based on the webtoon of the same name by Lee Hye.

The drama will premiere on the 11th of next month at 9 PM KST, with the first week featuring back-to-back episodes. Afterward, new episodes will be released every Wednesday.