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Jang Won-young's Older Sister Jang Da-ah's Debut...'Pyramid Game' To Be Released on Tving on the 29th
by. Gawon Park

The Tving original series 'Pyramid Game' has finally been unveiled.

On the 29th (Thursday), the Tving original series 'Pyramid Game' (directed by Park So-yeon, written by Choi Soo-i, created by Lee Jae-kyu, produced by Film Monster·CJ ENM Studios, provided by Tving) was unveiled with a powerful main poster and a teaser trailer that amplifies curiosity.

'Pyramid Game' depicts a cruel survival hierarchy war at Baekyeon Girl's High School, 2nd Grade Class 5, where students are divided into perpetrators, victims, and bystanders through secret voting for bullying once a month. It presents a thrilling catharsis of brain battles and psychological warfare in an innovative and unique world of psychological thriller school, based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name (by author Dal-Cognac), with protagonist Seong Su-ji (played by Kim Ji-yeon) awakening as a 'game sniper' breaking the hierarchy pyramid at the target of the game.

The meeting of the 'Sacred Idol' director Park So-yeon and the rookie writer Choi Soo-i portrays the unpredictable psychology of high school students delicately and sharply. The participation of hit maker director Lee Jae-kyu, who directed movies like 'Perfect Strangers', dramas like 'All of Us Are Dead' and 'Daily Dose of Sunshine', as a creator also raises expectations for the birth of a unique 'K-school drama'. Above all, attention is focused on the synergy of fresh and strong rookies such as Kim Jiyeon, Jang Da-ah, Ryu Da-in, Shin Seul-gi, Kang Na-eon, Jung Ha-dam, Ha Yool-ri.

Meanwhile, the main poster that was released stimulates curiosity with the appearance of Baekyeon Girl's High School 2nd Grade Class 5, the stage of the cruel game. In Class 5 of the 2nd Grade, there is a rule to choose a bullying target through secret voting within the class once a month. The first eye-catching figure is Seong Su-ji, a transfer student sitting in the middle of the classroom floor. Seong Su-ji, who received an F grade simultaneously with the transfer. It seems to show her position as the lowest rank in the hierarchy pyramid where there is nowhere else to go. On the other hand, the relaxed smile of Baek Ha-rin (played by Jang Da-ah), confidently occupying the teacher's desk, implies that she is in the upper hierarchy with certainty and induces tension.

The perennial F-grade Myung-ja-eun (played by Ryu Da-in) exudes an eerie atmosphere without even properly wearing the school uniform. It's also interesting that she doesn't hold the phone, a tool of the pyramid game where ranks are determined by voting. Another upper hierarchy of the pyramid, centered around Baek Ha-rin, also captures attention with Seo Do-ah (played by Shin Seul-gi) and Im Ye-rim (played by Kang Na-eon) sitting on both sides. Can transfer student Seong Su-ji survive in the pyramid game? The caption 'Resist or Break' intensifies curiosity about the imminent rebellion in the survival hierarchy war.

The teaser trailer released simultaneously raises the heart rate with the appearance of transfer student Seong Su-ji stepping into the cruel world. Once a month, on the last Thursday, Baekyeon High School 2nd Grade Class 5 chooses a bullying target through voting via the app. Although students call it the 'Pyramid Game', Seong Su-ji soon realizes that this system is a means to bully and play with the target legally.

Seong Su-ji is given an F grade simultaneously with the transfer. From that moment, reality turns into a nightmare. The violence of students trying to maintain their rank and prove themselves is more terrifying than imagined. However, the ambiguous comfort of "Su-ji, it's not your fault" from Baek Ha-rin stimulates Seong Su-ji. Saying "We have to find a way. To escape from F," she alludes to a rebellion by presenting unexpected scenarios even the game designer didn't anticipate. Seong Su-ji, who is determined to break the lofty top from the bottom, arouses expectations as she awakens as a game sniper at the new target.

Kim Ji-yeon passionately portrays the transfer student 'Seong Su-ji' awakening as a game sniper at the target tangled in the pyramid game, who becomes the victim of school violence for the first time. Jang Da-ah challenges her first acting role as 'Baek Ha-rin', the beloved student of 2nd Grade Class 5. Myung-ja-eun, the perennial F-grade, is played by Ryu Da-in, adding tension. Shin Seul-gi transforms into the game master and the 1st place FM class president 'Seo Do-ah'. Always moving within her boundaries, she observes the game. Kang Na-eon transforms into the idol trainee of 2nd Grade Class 5, 'Im Ye-rim'. Expectations are high for the passionate performances of newcomers who will unfold a cruel hierarchy war in a classroom resembling a microcosm of society.


<Translated by=Gawon Park(Dispatch)>

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