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SM Entertainment, Legal Response To Artist Rumors

SM Entertainment has stepped in once again to protect the rights of their artists. 

SM Entertainment posted an announcement on its website "KWANGYA 119" on Tuesday. "A number of reports have been filed on the 'Artist Defamation Report' board regarding infringement of rights of the artists," it said.

"KWANGYA 119" is a website created by SM to protect artist rights and collect opinions from fans. SM recently received information on TVXQ, Red Velvet, NCT 127, NCT Dream, Aespa, and Riize through this page.

An official said, "We are continuously responding to criminal acts such as spreading false information about artists, malicious slander, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy through the received report."

They pointed out that they've already filed reports. This included damaging the artist's personal rights and reputation through malicious rumors, impersonating or stalking, and creating and distributing obscene contents by using artist's portrait without permission.

The agency said, "The act includes insulting artists for the purpose of slandering them," adding, "We are filing a report against them. Police and prosecutors are investigating and investigating."

Finally, SM announced a strong legal response, saying, "We will not sit idly by these criminal acts," adding, "We will respond strongly in principle without any leniency or agreement." 

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This is SM Entertainment.

In order to strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of artists and to collect opinions from fans, we have received a number of reports related to the infringement of rights of artists such as KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, AESPA, RIIZE, NCT WISH, Ginjo, IMLAY, and Raiden through the board in the category of the new KWANGYA 119 site.

Through valuable reports and self-monitoring from fans, we have been continuing to respond to constant criminal acts beyond freedom of expression, such as spreading false information, malicious slander, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy, with Sejong Law Firm to inform you of the progress.

Major issues include making malicious rumors that are not true to ✓ and are not grounded, impersonating or stalking ✓ artists, producing or distributing obscene photos and videos using the portraits of ✓ artists without permission, and insulting ✓ artists for the purpose of vilifying them.

Please understand that we cannot guide you in detail so that it does not affect the investigation and investigation process, and we will not sit idly by and respond strongly to these criminal acts without any leniency or agreement, so please take special care not to be involved in anything unsavory.

Based on the generous love and interest in artists, we sincerely thank fans for their valuable time to report and report, and "KWANGYA 119" will continue to do its best to protect the rights and interests of its artists.

Thank you.

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<Translated by=Jisu Kim (Dispatch)>

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