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Tang Wei's First Music Video Appearance on IU's "Shh.."

Singer-songwriter IU presented a teaser for her side track music video with super-special corps.

On February 13th, IU's agency EDAM Entertainment released a music video teaser video for "Shh..." from IU's sixth mini-album "The Winning" through its official channel at midnight.

The teaser released on the day begins with the words "SHH" appearing on a red background. IU has short black hair and looks like she is looking up to somewhere.

Then comes a scene of Tang Wei leaning against the car's steering wheel and looking out of the car window. The screen switches to black and white, and the two open the wooden floor under the space looking like inside a house, with the caption "THERE WAS A SONG." At the end of the video, IU ends with staring at the camera, and the phrase "The name is Shh" appeared, amplifying the listeners' curiosity.

Although it is a short teaser, it is a moment of visual beauty that captures the sensual and sophisticated mood and the aura of characters, but the two's passionate eyes especially drew attention.

The music video drew attention as it featured Tang Wei, who won the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress in 2022 and the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Performance in Film in 2023. It is the first time that Tang Wei has appeared in a Korean music video. It is curious how they will perform in the music video.

Tang Wei said through IU's agency on the 13th, "The reason I decided to appear is simple. It's because I like IU, an artist. I like her talent, personality, and singing just like everyone else. It's my first time appearing in a music video during my entertainment career, and I was happy to be with her and learned a lot on the set."

It was the two characters in the music video that aroused the curiosity. After the music video shoot, Tang Wei said, "IU had a very interesting role, playing the role of my mother and friend at the same time," raising expectations for their story.

The track "Shh..." drew attention when it was announced that Hyein of Newjeans and Cho Won-sun, a member of the rollercoaster and singer-songwriter were featured and someone with a question mark was in charge of the special narration. In addition, the Avengers Corps has joined forces with director Hwang Soo-ah and writer Kim Ji-hye, who are related to IU's previous music videos making us look forward to the main music video and mini-album.

IU's new mini-album "The Winning" will be released at 6 p.m. on the 20th through major music sites. The full version of the music video for the track "Shh..." will be released at midnight on the 23rd.

<Photo=EDAM Entertainment, Youtube>

<Translated by=Jisu Kim (Dispatch)>

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