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[EXCLUSIVE] Ryu Jun-yeol ♥ Han So-hee, Hawaii date
by. Jisu kim

In conclusion, it didn't seem quite "interesting."

Han So-hee seemed more focused on her phone than her meal,

And Ryu Jun-yeol continued to finish his meal without a single word.

The 'Dispatch' team rushed over to Hawaii, but things were moving on way too quick.

"Interesting" to "Not transit love" to apologies, then starting all over again - a lot was going on.

'Dispatch' captured their first date on the 16th (Korea Standard Time). It was the day after they officially admitted to be in a relationship.

It wasn't a very lovey-dovey scene that was expected. 

Han So-hee stared at her phone, constantly checking the public's reaction as Ryu Jun-yeol looked at her in silence.

So...it didn't quite look "interesting" at all.

Han So-hee stared at her phone, constantly checking the public's reaction as Ryu Jun-yeol looked at her in silence.

So...it didn't quite look "interesting" at all.

Han So-hee spent her entire time in Hawaii looking at the ground, and Ryu Jun-yeol at Han So-hee's head.

While checking out Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee's first date in Hawaii, the team back in Korea investigated Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri's last relationship. (Well, since the whole "interesting" incident made people assume a transition relationship.)

According to 'Dispatch', the two have been distant since June last year. In fact, Ryu Jun-yeol did not even attend Hyeri's birthday party.

The two's mutual acquaintance told Dispatch about the situation.

"They didn't really talk much about their realationship, but it was still quite obvious. You can just feel it. They were always contacting each other, but at a certain point they spent less time checking their phones. Then Ryu Jun-yeol didn't come to Hyeri's birthday party, so we all knew something was going on between them."

However, it's a total of seven years they've been together. It seems neither of them that had been able to bring up the term "breakup." Summer passed, then fall passed. It is said that they have hardly contacted each other or met each other in the meantime.

It was in early November that they made the final decision to part ways. It marked the end of seven years of love. The announcement of their separation also came around that time, and became public. It was then, on November 15th that Ryu Jun-yeol greeted Han So-hee for the first time in an individual photo exhibition.

It was photographer Park Ye-eun who led Han So-hee to the photo exhibition. She is best friends with Han So-hee and knew Ryu Jun-yeol well, being one of the five members of this trip to Hawaii.

Of course, from Hye-ri's point of view, there can be feelings of betrayal. Anyway, it was in November that they announced their separation, and less than four months later, her ex boyfriend was spotted with another woman in Hawaii, a location they spent time together back when they were dating.

Han So-hee was probably dumbfounded. They first met at an exhibition in November, but they didn't fall in love then instantly. The two are said to have been "conceived" by each other while discussing about artworks.

From Ryu Jun-yeol's perspective, it must have been complicated. He met a new love, but it wasn't a transit relationship, and he probably felt enormously sorry for his new love, who was revealed in the middle of the trip to Hawaii.

Again, Hawaii.

Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee's love was not welcome. "Love is not a sin", but they had to check the reaction of the public as if they were sinning.

In fact, Ryu Jun-yeol, Han So-hee, and their friends left as soon as they could after eating their meal in a hurry. When the Koreans around them seemed to notice them, they quickly left.

Throughout the way back to their accommodation, the atmosphere was dark and heavy. Han So-hee's friend patted her on the back as she comforted her, while Ryu Jun-yeol followed one step apart.

Ryu Jun-yeol was probably very angry. He may have felt heartbroken, unfair, and boiling inside. But the response of the public is not up to him.

Han So-hee must be upset, too. Maybe that's why she can't let go of her phone. Ironically, however, she needs to.

It's time for Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee to start "love," not a "fight."

Ryu Jun-yeol returned to Korea first on the 17th. His steps seemed heavy.

In Seoul, we hope they will see each other, not their phone. To walk together, not separately.


<Translated by=Jisu Kim (Dispatch)>

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