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ILLIT's "Super Real Me" Showcase
by. Jisu kim

As the audition program "RUNEXT?" came to an end, ILLIT became the youngest daughter of HYBE. They felt a lot of pressure. However, they sublimated themselves to everything with their confidence. 

ILLIT took the first step into the music industry saying, "We can be anything." The scene was filled with enthusiasm not only from reporters from Korea but also from overseas.

The members spoke out on how they felt about their debut with a nervous heart. 

"The slogan 'We can be anything' gave us confidence. We prepared hard thinking about the meaning of ILLIT during our practice." (Yunah)

ILLIT held a showcase at Blue Square Master Card Hall in Seoul on the 25th to commemorate the debut of their first mini album "Super Real Me." 

Wonhee then said "I'm grateful to debut as ILLIT. I'm here with such a fluttering heart," and added, "We will show you the colorful charm of ILLIT."

ILLIT is a group consisting of the five final trainees selected on JTBC's "RUNEXT?" which aired last year. It consists of Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee and Iroha. 

The team name is a combination of initiative will (I Will) and pronouns (IT), which mean something special. It has melted the meaning of a group with high potential "to be anything, and to raise expectations on what they will become" depending on the verb between the two words. 

"There are many things I want to do and show you. I think the group name 'ILLIT', that we can be anything, really suits us," Moka said. 

Their new album aimed for teenage emotions. "Super Real Me" says that my real story is the best story. They expressed the teenagers these days in their song.

There are four songs in the album. This includes the title track "Magnetic," "My World," "Midnight Fiction," and "Lucky Girl Syndrome."

The title song expresses the feeling of being attracted to the person you like. Chairman Bang Si-hyuk participated in the writing and production. Teen producers joined to capture the real teenage emotions. 

They chose a hybrid dance genre that mixes Pluggnb and House, which has been trending recently. It features a unique chorus with vocals. It foreshadowed ILLIT's own unpredictable image. 

"Producer Bang Si-hyuk advised me to 'work in music with responsibility,' Yunah said, adding, "He gave me feedback while watching the practice video carefully."

The key choreography is to use your fingers to create a magnet where the N pole and the S pole are attached to each other. The key part is to express your attraction.

ILLIT was dressed in kitschy outfits during their performances. They shyly talked about how they felt about their debut. They created "super attraction" by enjoying themselves on the stage professionally. 

The so-called "Bang Bang Dance" is a choreography inspired by the way the members play. "You can see witty facial expressions in "Bang Bang Dance," which expresses how you jump around all excited about what you like," Minju said. 

Minju said, "We tend to get too immersed in anything. On stage, we get too immersed in what we enjoy," and added, "Please look forward to our energetic appearance as it is." 

They also released a performance of the track "My World." The unique intro and addictive melody stood out. "This is the song that expresses our team's color in the best way," Wonhee said.

Their skills, stage manners, and visuals have all improved since "RUNEXT?." "We've been practicing for six months and I've gained more and more confidence as I've been getting feedback," Wonhee said. 

"The team slogan 'We can be anything' also played a role," Yunah said. "We practiced while thinking about the name of the team. We gained a lot of confidence among ourselves." 

They also confidently set her sights on the music show. "I would be very happy if we could win first place with the title song that we are performing to the public for the first time," Wonhee said. 

She then hoped, "Our goal cannot be expressed numerically since we are still a rookie, but I do want to enjoy the stage and behind the scenes like our seniors."

It is HYBE's third girl group. It will follow LE SSERFAIM and New Jeans. Did they feel pressured?

Minju said, "There are many seniors we think as our rolemodels. I think that's why the expectations about us are high. We will do our best to respond to this. Our goal is to show our charms in a clear way." 

"I want to make sure that the public can enjoy our bubbly, honest self. I know we're practicing in a nice environment. I'll show a better side to the public." (Yunah) 

The global response is already hot. Even before the debut, ILLIT was selected as a global brand campaign model and invited to Fashion Week. 

"When I attended the overseas fashion week, I met fans all over the world. It was a great experience," Iroha said. "I want to become an idol loved by so many people that they will say '5th generation's idol is ILLIT'." 

Lastly, Yunah and Wonhee said, "We want to become a group that is recognized by many people," adding, "We will become a team that sings songs that people can truly relate to. Please watch our beginning."


<Translated by=Jisu Kim (Dispatch)>

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