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The Boyz, "The B Is Our Motivation"
by. Meenyoung

The Boyz members Jacob, Kevin, and New have captivated fans with their chic and mature charm.

Jacob, Kevin, and New recently participated in a photoshoot for the June issue of fashion and entertainment magazine "The Star". Each member showcased unique charms, presenting diverse covers.

The photoshoot was themed "Boys Who Crash-Landed in an Unknown Space," set against a rough and static atmosphere. The three members expressed both intense masculinity and natural appeal. As this was their first time working together as a unit since their debut, the photoshoot was particularly special, featuring two contrasting concepts.

New recently released a self-composed song, "After," in celebration of his birthday. He expressed his gratitude, saying, "I was very worried about this song, but I'm so grateful that the fans liked it and even interpreted the lyrics. It made me feel proud and happy."

Discussing the song's lyrics, New added, "In my job, I experience many meetings and farewells. This song is not sad at all. While singing it, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who have come and gone in my life."

Kevin, known for his multiple talents in playing instruments, composing, cooking, and drawing, introduced himself, saying, "I first learned to play the piano and have always been interested in drawing. I even participated in designing The Boyz albums and merchandise. Although I haven't cooked in a while, I still have an interest in it and want to showcase more of my versatile skills." This introduction brought laughter to the set. Kevin also mentioned that one of his wishes is to direct a stage performance. "I came up with many ideas during a competition program. Someday, I would like to direct a big stage for The Boyz or even my own personal performance," he shared confidently.

Kevin and Jacob, who recently sang "Electric Energy" for the "Argylle" movie soundtrack, shared their experience. "We thought about singing the original as it is, but we suggested, 'How about rearranging it to create a different version?' and we were able to make a beautiful piece unique to us," they said. Kevin humorously added that he felt a bit annoyed with Jacob during recording. "We worked with a vocal director who had collaborated with famous singers in LA, and Jacob pushed me to go first," he recalled, sharing a laughable memory.

Jacob, who graced a magazine cover for the first time, attributed his motivation to their fandom, The B. "The B gives me and The Boyz our existence, so I want to do more for our fans," he sincerely expressed. Looking ahead, Jacob mentioned their plans, saying, "We are preparing for a fantastic concert with the members, and I have a self-composed song that will be released around my birthday. I hope fans will look forward to it."

Meanwhile, The Boyz will be holding their 'THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR : ZENERATION II' from July 12 to 14 at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Arena), where they will meet fans from around the world.

<Translated by=Meenyoung Lee>

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