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Jung Joon-young Spotted at a French Club: Woman's Warning About His Advances

A French woman who encountered singer Jung Joon-young, a key figure in the Burning Sun scandal, in Lyon, France, has issued a warning for women to be cautious.

On July 9th, a French woman, referred to as Ms. A, shared her lengthy account on X (formerly Twitter) in both French and English about meeting Jung Joon-young.

Ms. A began by saying, "I met Jung Joon-young, a drug member involved in the Seungri and Burning Sun scandal, in Lyon. My friends wanted to spend the evening at a bar club, so I joined them. We ordered drinks, but the order was wrong."

She continued, "I didn't want to waste the drink, so I thought of giving it to someone nearby. At that moment, a man approached and said he would drink it. We understood Korean and tried to converse with him, and I was taken aback."

The man in question turned out to be Jung Joon-young. Although Ms. A recognized him, she wasn't completely sure. She memorized the tattoos on his body. When she asked for his name, he responded with "Jun" and asked for her social media account.

Due to poor data reception in the club, the man, presumed to be Jung Joon-young, took a photo of Ms. A's social media account ID and said he would follow her later.

Ms. A explained, "He looked so much like Jung Joon-young that I was confused. A Korean man then approached us and asked if we knew who he was, telling us that he was a famous singer in Korea. That's when I confirmed it was Jung Joon-young and was shocked."

She added, "I decided to keep my distance from this notorious rapist who was the center of Korea's biggest scandal. Jung Joon-young was flirting with other women and kissing one on the dance floor."

Ms. A wanted to warn the woman Jung Joon-young was with but hesitated, fearing the situation might escalate and photos or videos of the woman might circulate.

The next day, Jung Joon-young followed Ms. A's social media account, which had only four followers. Ms. A tried to gather more information about him. He told her he was currently looking for work in Europe and was planning to open a new Korean restaurant in Lyon, mentioning he would be going to Switzerland the next day.

Ms. A concluded, "Please pay attention to this man. This coward fled Korea where he is extremely hated. In contrast, here in France, he had opened a restaurant in Paris before the scandal and has a foundation in French. He is hiding his true identity, acting as if nothing happened, and appears very ordinary with long hair."

She added a warning, "Especially women, be careful. Jung Joon-young is still playing with women. I have videos to support this but fear the consequences of making them public. However, I can confirm he is in Lyon. If my post helps even one person, I'll be happy and have no regrets. Please spread the word to many people."

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