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Song Kang→Lee Do-hyun 'Sweet Home' unreleased stills released.

Netflix series 'Sweet Home' has released unreleased stills from Season 1 to Season 3.

Season 3 of 'Sweet Home' is a Netflix series that depicts a world where the end of monstrosity and the beginning of a new breed have finally arrived, and the struggle between the blurred lines of monsters and humans has become even more desperate and desperate.

These unreleased stills from season one, which follows the characters as they first come face-to-face with the monstrosity, are particularly striking. The image of Hyun-soo (Song Kang) taking up arms to fight the monsters in season one is a reminder of his growth after losing his family and closing his heart, but also of his struggles with the residents of Green Home after the monstrosity.

Sang-wook (Lee Jin-uk), despite his initial harshness, gradually wormed his way into the hearts of the Green Home residents, even sacrificing himself for their sake, further adding to the immersion. Lee Kyung (Lee Si-young), a special forces firefighter, is the de facto leader of the Green Home, indispensable to their survival, and his characterisation is strong, with intense action. A still of Eun-hyeok (Lee Do-hyun) staring nervously at a monitor reminds us of the many burdens he has had to bear as he makes cold judgements to keep everyone safe.

Eun-hyuk's sister, Eun-yoo (Go Minsi), has been loved by many viewers as a character who seems to be nonchalant about every situation, but has an unexpected side to her that makes her intolerant when she sees injustice. Ji-soo (Park Gyu-young) portrays a past hidden behind her bright and cheerful exterior, and has an affectionate chemistry with Jae-heon (Kim Nam-hee).

In seasons 2 and 3, she changed completely. The stills of Season 3's Hyun-soo, who switches between his monster and human selves, raise questions about whether he will be able to regain his human self and protect those he cares about after the harsh experiments he endured in Season 2. Sang-Wook, who wears the same face as in season one but has become a completely different person, adds to the tension in the drama as he moves solely for more power, unlike in the past when he had someone he wanted to protect.

After the confusion of giving birth to a monster in season 2, Lee Kyung ends up becoming a monster herself, and in season 3, she resumes her human form and begins her struggle to make everything right. Meanwhile, Eun-yoo is reunited with her brother, Eun-hyeok, whom she has been searching for in Season 3. The journey of Eun-yoo, who must protect both Hyun-soo, who has become a monster, and Eun-hyeok, who now feels like a stranger, is expected to resonate deeply with fans.

Eun-hyeok, the brains behind Green Home, will return in Season 3 as a rookie with a different look and feel. The return of Eun-hyeok and the appearance of Shin Shin-ryu heralds a new phase of the monsterisation crisis and raises questions about the ending of the characters in Sweet Home Season 3.

Season 3 of Sweet Home, which will culminate in an epic finale with the birth of Shin Shin-Ryu, will be available on Netflix on Friday 19 July.

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