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HYBE Artists at a Glance... Exhibition at the Grammy Museum in the US.

HYBE and its labels' artists will be showcased in the world's largest music market, the United States. This is the first exhibition to highlight and reinterpret the musical achievements of HYBE and its artists through the lens of the American music scene.

HYBE, along with artists from its labels, will participate in "HYBE: We Believe In Music, A GRAMMY Museum Exhibit" at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, USA, from 2 September to 15 September (local time).

The exhibition, which will be held on the third floor of the GRAMMY Museum (approximately 372 sq. m.), is designed to highlight HYBE's path in the global music market and showcase the innovation and creativity of HYBE label artists. The Grammy Museum, which chronicles the history of the Grammy Awards, one of the world's most prestigious music awards ceremonies, will spotlight the musical development and influence of HYBE and HYBE Labels artists.

The exhibition will feature 12 HYBE Labels artists, including ZICO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, FROMIS9, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, &TEAM, BOYNEXTDOOR, TWS, ILLIT, and KATSEYE. Participation was at the discretion of the labels. In addition to the artists, the exhibition will also feature archival material about HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk. Visitors will be able to experience the actual costumes and items worn by HYBE Labels artists in their music videos and performances, as well as view archival materials such as music videos, choreography videos, and album posters in one place.

There will also be a space dedicated to HYBE as a company. The history and major achievements of HYBE, which has grown step by step with the passage of time, are explored. In addition, musical instruments and books inspired by Chairman Bang Si-hyuk's struggles and efforts as a musician will be revealed.

The exhibition also features an interactive space where visitors can experience the charm of K-pop firsthand. In the 'Experience Room' (mono to immersive), visitors can watch BTS's performance of 'Butter' at the 2022 Grammy Awards come to life on a separate display, while the 'Singalong Booth' allows visitors to sing along to songs by various Hive Labels artists. Guests can also try their hand at dancing in the Random Play Dance area, and pretend to be photographed with their favourite artists at the Photoism booth.

"HYBE and HYBE Labels artists represent the present and future of music around the world, and we wanted this exhibition to show the depth of our appreciation and respect for them," said Michael Stika, Chairman of the Grammy Museum. "K-pop is a playground of innovation that inspires fans across age, gender, and geography, and we're excited to create a space where they can express their love for K-pop and feel closer to their artists."

김태호 HYBE 최고운영책임자(COO)는 “하이브의 여정을 담은 전시를 여는 것은 우리에게 새로운 경험”이라며 “그래미 뮤지엄과의 파트너십을 매우 기쁘게 생각하고, 우리의 역사적인 작품을 감상하기 위한 팬 여러분의 방문을 환영한다”고 말했다.

한편, 이번 전시와 연계해 TWS가 8월 1일 ‘글로벌 스핀 라이브’(Global Spin Live)에 출연한다. 글로벌 스핀 라이브는 그래미 뮤지엄의 인기 온라인 퍼포먼스 시리즈로, 글로벌 뮤지션을 조명하는 콘텐츠다. TWS는 이날 미니 2집 ‘SUMMER BEAT!’ 타이틀곡 ‘내가 S면 넌 나의 N이 되어줘’를 포함한 여러 곡의 퍼포먼스를 선보이며 현지 팬들과 교류한다. 미국 팬들과의 첫 만남에 나서는 TWS가 글로벌 스핀 라이브를 계기로 전 세계 음악 팬들과 접점을 넓힐지 주목된다.

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